Meet Author Nicola Rayner

Nicola Rayner is the author of The Girl Before You, a wonderful novel filled with mystery and characters you will fall in love with. She was my first guest who hails from across the pond and I loved getting to know her. Listen in to hear her crazy journey drafting her debut novel and getting it published.

She was his. 

She was perfect. 

And then, she was gone.

An addictive and twisting psychological suspense, perfect for summer. If you liked My Lovely Wife, you’ll love this.

Alice has always been haunted by the women from her husband’s past. As a politician and now a TV personality, George Bell’s reputation as a ladies’ man precedes him. But when Alice falls pregnant, her unease becomes an obsession.

And there’s one ex in particular she can’t get out of her head, a beautiful student who went missing before they finished university: Ruth.

When Alice thinks she see Ruth on a train, she can’t shake the feeling there’s more to the disappearance than George has told her. But does she really want to know what her husband has been up to behind her back all these years?