2017 in Review

I spent this last weekend at the beach, which in case you know nothing about me – is my FAVORITE place ever. I hunkered down at our special little beach home and worked on some exciting revisions to This Dead World. 

While I was walking along the water on one of my daily idea walks, a few things crossed my mind. 

1. This year has been wild. In both good ways and some hard ways.

2. SO much has changed since last year.

3. I’m so incredibly excited for the future.

2017 is almost over. WOAH, wait a second – where did the year go? It’s crazy that 2017 is almost over but I’m kind of happy to say goodbye to this year. It’s been an important year in my life but I’m also ready to put some of those things behind me and start moving forward.

I had an interesting and weird experience last month when I was visiting home: I saw my ex. I saw my ex for the first time in ten months. I knew that it would happen sooner or later but I definitely didn’t expect it to be that day or as I was headed off to Seattle to interview for the job of MY DREAMS. But I did. He didn’t see me. There was no interaction. I was safe behind the tinted windows of my car and a hair color that he hates. 

But I had a strange reaction to it. I felt a little sad when I saw him. I felt sad because we spent five years of our lives together and I miss him. But then I saw where he was and what he was doing and then I felt better. BECAUSE I wouldn’t have been driving to Seattle for that job interview if I was still with him. Maybe I would have never finished my book if I was still with him. I wouldn’t have moved to Utah if I was still with him. There’s a lot of things that I wouldn’t have experienced if I hadn’t left that relationship. And as I remembered that – the sadness was gone. 

Isn’t it always strange to go to places you’ve been before but somehow they feel different? I’ve had a lot of those experiences this year but know that it’s not because the place has changed but because I have changed.

And that’s okay.

It’s good even.

I’ve taken big leaps this year. I started my podcast. I finished my third book. I’ve made SO MANY incredible friends. I’ve traveled to places I’ve never been (Hawaii, anyone?!). So, 2017 – it’s been lovely and incredible hard at the same time. Thank you for everything but BYE NOW. 

Okay.. fine! I’ll reminisce a little bit. Below are my top nine photos of 2017.

File Dec 18, 8 24 11 PM.jpeg

#1 – This quote is from the book Wild and I read it at the tail end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. It’s amazing and inspiring and reminded me to not put anything off. It’s never or now, people!

#2 – The final words of my novel This Dead World. 

#3 – This was on my last day in my first little apartment. 

#4 – I went to Colorado to see my brother. This was the second time I’d ever flown by myself.

#5 – My Mom and I took a road trip to Utah and we almost died on this hike.


#7 – Salt Lake City, UT. I love you!

#8 – Okay, but Hawaii though! I left my heart there. DARN. Guess I should go back and get it.

#9 – NaNoWriMo Year 2. I finished When Jaybird Went Missing.

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