Time Flies When You’re Impatient

One month ago, I moved from Portland to SLC. Can you believe it? I’m pretty proud of myself because on Day 2, I was ready to throw in the towel. But now, I’ve started work and gotten into a routine. I discovered Chip Cookies, which is the most amazing business idea. Get this – they deliver fresh baked cookies to your door until 2:00 am! WHAT? I may or may not have just finished dunking a cookie into some milk.

I’ve made some friends and started to explore things in the city – by myself. I’m generally an independent person. I love going to dinner by myself or seeing movies by myself. But I struggled with the loneliness of being in a new city and a new state when I first moved here. A couple weeks ago, I got back to that place where I’m okay going out and doing things alone. 

I went to this place called The Rose Establishment and had the best quiche! I saw Only The Brave by myself, which was probably a good thing because I cried like a baby.

But you see, there’s something that’s in my future that could change things again. New city, new job, new experience – or as I like to call it, a new adventure.

Something you should know about me is that I’m VERY impatient. It’s literally my downfall and I feel like everything that happens in my life is a test of my patience. Being an author and going through the querying process is a test of patience. I have to send out emails to agents and waits for them to send me that rejection email, hoping that I’ll get a request for pages. 

When I decided to move to Utah, that was a test of my patience because I wanted it to happen that day. I didn’t want to wait for months while I applied to jobs or wait to hear back from jobs. But I waited and I’m here.

So get this – my second day of wok at my new job, I get a call from my dream employer inviting me to interview. BUT the interview isn’t for a month. (Trust me, if you knew what the job was it would make sense but I don’t want to jinx anything by putting it in writing.) Seriously – A MONTH?! I started preparing that day, taking notes, searching for the perfect outfit and trying to remain calm. 

Now, I’ve got less than two weeks to go – finally!

Where I get held up is that a lot of things depend on this opportunity – where I live, mostly. And the not knowing is stressing me out.

(Cue me already dreaming up my future with my celebrity crush in LA) 

I am really confident in my ability and skill to land this job but I need to be prepared if I don’t get it. This job could literally change my life for a couple of years and give me the ability to live in places I’ve always wanted to live (LA or SEA) and travel. (Do you know what the job is yet?) But I could also not get it and have to truly adjust to living here.

If you’re following – it’s an amazing opportunity and I will know on the day of the interview if I get it or not but the waiting might literally kill me. 

I wish I was one of those people who could wait for something. My ex was that type of person. He would literally wait MONTHS for something because he hadn’t done enough research about something – and it would drive me nuts. I struggle with getting tunnel vision for things, like I currently have for this job.

I’m not sure that I had anything motivational to say about patience because it’s not something I’m good at. So… I’m hoping that you’re like me and just happy you found someone to relate to.

Check back with me in two weeks for an update!



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