What Rose Read in November

November has been quite the month and I’ve read a lot of books so check below for my reviews!

#1 The Follower

I really enjoyed the premise of this book and it creeped me out sufficiently. I had a hard time sleeping thinking of someone being in my house, which is a job well done by the author. Doughty created characters that you wanted to stay with and wanted to win. The ending was a little rushed for me but I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. It comes out in March so preorder it now!

#2 Her Sister’s Child

Add this to the list of books that sets my mama heart on FIRE! This book grabbed me from the first chapter b/c a baby goes missing and I cannot abide by that. I was SO surprised when the twist came and I love that. Most things don’t surprise me anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the characters, and the way it was all woven together. Buy it now!

#3 Spring Girls

If you know me, you know I love a good mystery. I have loved the two previous books in this series and Spring Girls was no different. If you loved a well-paced mystery and characters that make you want to keep reading, this book is for you! Buy it now.

#4 Pretending

This is not a book that I would normally pick for myself but I think we have all felt the woes and struggles of dating in the modern age. I thought that the author did a great job of creating a character who you wanted to get behind and see succeed. This is a must read – buy it now!

Check out my Q+A with the author HERE.

#5 The Silent House

The premise of this book intrigued me SO much because I have a deaf family member and couldn’t imagine something like this happening. I really enjoyed the story, the mystery and the way it was presented. This is a good read so buy it now!

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