How to manage your time as a parent and an author.

Writing a book is no easy feat.

It takes a lot of time to draft, overcome writer’s block and revise the novel that you’re working on. There are so many distractions that can plague you during this process, so how do we do it? Add in tiny humans pawing at your legs and it makes it even harder.

I became an instant mom in 2019 and adding in two kiddos changed the way I wrote. Add in Baby J this year and things came to a screeching halt. I didn’t write for about six months, and from what I’ve heard from friends, it’s normal to experience a lapse in writing when a new kid comes around.

Now, I’m back to writing. I finished my revision of The Last Missing Girl and sent it off to the person waiting for it. I’m attempting to win NaNoWriMo, but I’ll be honest, I’m behind on my word count.

Before kids, I was able to devote hours at a time to writing. My favorite thing to do was go to a coffee shop and sit for two hours and write. It helped me to get out of my house and relax.

Flash forward to three kids + a mask wearing pandemic and going out to a coffee shop is not possible.

So now, I write a lot on my phone. I use my Alphasmart Neo and I write in small chunks throughout the day. I’ll be doing a post soon on what’s in my writer’s toolbox so watch for that.

I have found that changing my mindset about how much writing I get done since becoming a parent is really helpful. It doesn’t matter if I get 2000 words in, as long as I get something down on the page.

I’d love to hear from other parents who are also writers, how do you manage your time? What are your secrets?

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