We Don’t Get a Hall Pass Through Our Trials

This is a crazy time.

Things look a lot different. The kids are home all day and missing their friends and classes. But life still trucks on. Bills are still due. Issues with being a blended family still come up. School still needs to happen and I don’t know about you but my calling in life wasn’t to be a teacher. We have all found ourselves a little more isolated or stuck in a finite space with the same people every day. 

It’s during times like these that it can seem hard to see a way through. To see the end of a hard moment, day or week. I can think back to many times like that in my life and my desire for Heavenly Father to pull me through until the finish line. But that’s not how He works right?


It’s like Brad Wilcox said: “God did not remove the Red Sea. He opened it. He will help us find a way through our problems as well.”

It makes me think of one of my favorite worship songs “Waymaker” and the chorus goes like this:

“Way maker

Miracle worker

Promise keeper

Light in the darkness

My God

That is who you are”

God isn’t going to give us a hall pass through all our trials. That’s the whole point of our trials, to go through them, and to learn from them. I know, what a concept. 

But He isn’t leaving us alone. He is making a way for us. He is working miracles for us whether they be big or small. He is that glimmer of light in the dark. That’s who He is. 

It all comes down to faith in times like this right? It comes down to believing in His love and watchful eye.

It’s about having faith that whatever problem is right in front of you is something you can overcome. That there has been a way laid out for you. 

Faith is what it all comes down to. 

Through our faith, we can be comforted even when things seem to be slipping out of control. Even when our world looks completely different. Have faith that our Lord has been preparing us for this. That our Prophet has been preparing us for this and all the other things that will continue to happen and challenge us. 

But He is a waymaker.

A miracle worker and most of all He is a promise keeper. The promises we’ve made with Him, the covenants, will be fulfilled if we do what we need to. If we continue to have faith, to be an example of His love and light and to persevere in this strange time. 

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