10 Christmas Gifts for the Book Lover in your life.

The holidays are coming and I’ve got a great list of presents for book lovers.

#1 Mindbloom Candles

Mindbloom Candles was started by Maya and her goal for these candles is to help people relax. She donates the proceeds from every purchase to the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation which is a local mental health awareness charity. Watch for her Black Friday special. Get the Winter Trio of candles for $20 – it includes Pumpkin Spice, Evergreen and Winter Mint.

#2 Bookstore Scented Candle

bookstore candle

Raise your hand if you miss going to bookstores? I don’t leave my house very often anymore and this is one of the smells that I miss the most. I used to love walking around Powell’s books and just enjoying being around so many books. This candle is a must for book lovers.

#3 Bookstore Postcards

I love these Bookstore postcards from SnowMayStudio on Etsy. There are lots of variations and they are only $1.50. Do we like the idea of keeping postcards and never sending them because they’re so pretty? I definitely do.

#4 Book Cozy from Cozy Fiction

You know that feeling when you snuggle up with your favorite blanket and settle in to read? Imagine pulling your favorite book out of it’s own snuggle sleeve. Check out these book sleeves from Cozy Fiction. She has so many good patterns and prints, you’re sure to find one to rave about.

#5 Notepad

I’m always writing down notes, ideas or reminders for myself. Who doesn’t love a crisp clean notepad. Here are two of my favorites from two awesome sellers on Etsy. These are both able to be personalized as well.

#6 Itty Bitty Inspiration

We all could use a little more inspiration and positivity. So add these set of three tiny books of inspiration.

#7 Pillow for Book Lover

Imagine your friend, or yourself, lounging on their couch with this pillow nestled right under their arm. How comfy. I mean, is there really a limit on the number of pillows you can have on your couch our your bed?

The answer is no!

#8 Christmas Card

I am totally going to shamelessly self promote here for a second. Check out my selection of Christmas cards on my Etsy shop. I’ve got lots of cards based on TV shows and other awesome cards.

#9 Corner Bookmark

We all have that friend who doesn’t want to bend any pages of their books and I’ve found the perfect bookmarks for them! Check out these cool corner bookmarks that will keep any book pristine.

#10 Book of the Month

The best gift for any book lover, a book EVERY MONTH. Hire Boxie and gift your friend a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to Book of the Month.

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